At Kaled, we always manage your real estate assets in your best interests. Whether your property is a garden apartment, townhouse community, mid-rise or high-rise, we’ll work with you to ensure it’s managed to peak efficiency and profitability. From preventative maintenance and staff management to fiscal monitoring and complete financial reporting, we offer a full range of management services together with sound guidance and solid advice, making us the partner you can trust to focus on both the day to day and the long term… so you can sleep better at night.

Special Services



Tax Certiorari
and Abatements

Board membership should not be a full-time job.

That is, board members should not be burdened with the day-to-day operation of the building. Rather, with Kaled’s guidance and support, board members will be able to make decisions concerning their property based on quality, detailed and timely information.

Money Management

It goes without saying that the financial health of a property is critical to its success. Kaled provides comprehensive money management services that help you achieve that success. This includes the presentation of timely and insightful financial information that will keep you well-informed of the prior month’s operating activities as well as year-to-date budget information.

State-of-the-Art Management Reporting

Any reputable building management firm can use building management software to provide you with information on a monthly basis. However, the difference you’ll find with Kaled Management is in how we utilize these tools to maximize the value of the information provided to you.

Property Assessment

At Kaled Management, we believe that in order for a property to achieve its full potential, it must be sound in every area - not just in terms of its physical and financial condition, but its quality of life, and the flow of communication between its board members, staff, residents and management. The first step towards developing an effective property management plan involves a thorough evaluation of the critical areas that will effect a property’s profitability. Very often, it is this initial step that yields undiscovered profits.

Our property assessment evaluation covers:


Kaled Management will evaluate your property’s current financial condition, including monthly income and expenses, reserve funds, taxes, insurance, mortgage escrow, bulk purchasing, energy efficiency programs, utility bills and fuel costs. Once gathered, the information will be used to develop a financial management plan tailored to your needs.

Building Staff Performance

An evaluation of your property’s staff scheduling and productivity will be conducted. Where appropriate, recommendations will be made towards achieving greater efficiency. The examination may involve a re-evaluation of job descriptions, training programs, job performance appraisals, and on-going supervision.

Communication Between Board, Shareholders and Management

Efficient operation of your property is dependent upon the interaction between a building’s residents, the members of the board, permanent staff and management. Kaled will assess the current flow of communication among these groups and make recommendations for improvement, if necessary.