There are certain uncertainties a developer just canʼt live with

I have been in real estate my entire life. I am the third-generation president and CEO of the Kalikow Group, which owns and or manages more than 6,000 apartments, condominiums and co-ops in New York City, Nassau & Suffolk. I care about the properties we own and maintain as well as the people who live in them.

VIDEO: Edward Kalikow Featured in The Stoler Report: “After the Housing-Act Update”

Describing the Housing Act of 2019 as a big mistake for NY owners, renters and the city, panelists believe that the law creates uncertainty and is retroactive as much as 23 years; predicting fewer property improvements and fewer jobs as owners, builders and bankers continue to discuss this legislation.

Too much, too far, too fast – by Ed Kalikow

The decision to modify New York City’s rent laws had good intentions. They say that’s what the road to hell is paved with.

There’s no denying the system needed an overhaul. Bad landlords had figured out ways to abuse the system and take advantage of tenants, engaging in illegal behavior to push out rent regulated occupants in the pursuit of larger profits.

Kaled Management sponsors Maurer Foundation Golf Classic to support Health Education

More than 200 golfers raised nearly $250,000 for breast health education at the 23rd Annual Maurer Golf Classic. The event was organized by Maurer Foundation volunteer Jodee Sarisky, of Kaled Management, who herself is a breast cancer survivor.

A Condo Loan That Softens the Sting of Assessments – Habitat Magazine

When a co-op board needs to borrow money to make capital improvements, it can use the equity of the corporation as collateral. Condominiums aren’t so lucky.

Did you know that it’s possible for condo boards to borrow money to make improvements to the property? This privilege was once only available to co-op boards, however, since 2003 a Common Interest Realty Association, or CIRA, loan has become available to condominiums and homeowner associations at Kaled Management we work to provide all round solutions with all vendors. Read full article here.