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October 2005

Kaled Celebrates Management Stars

Kaled Management Corp., honored its property mangers, recognizing the work and the effort of its staff. Director of operations of the coop/condo division Deborah Gordon, with Kaled for over 18years, manages four buildings in Queens and the Bronx and oversees all of the Property managers at Kaled.

Peter Lehr, director of property management and with the firm for six years, oversees management of all properties. He manages three rental properties in Manhattan and is directly responsible for over seeing the management and upkeep of 15 separate owner-managed properties located in Queens and Brooklyn.

Richard Rossi, at Kaled for seven years, currently manages eight properties in Queens and Brooklyn. He currently oversees in excess of 778 units.

Terry Borg, at Kaled for three years, currently manages six properties in Queens, Manhattan, and Long Island.

Julia Kodis has been at Kaled for three years and currently manages six properties in Queens. Jodee Sarisky, at Kaled for six years, manages four properties in Queens area.

Jordan Platt, a certified lead-based paint inspector, has been with the firm for three years and currently oversees seven properties.

For more information: Please contact Peter Lehr, (516) 876-4800 ext.215 or www.kaled.com

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