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May 2009

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Jordan Platt
Jordan Platt

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     Jordan Platt, vice president of operations for Kaled Management Corp., always knew he would work in the real estate field. Even though he grew up in one of New York's prominent real estate families, he felt it necessary to learn every aspect of the industry from the ground up before taking a management position at the family firm.

     Platt is the nephew of Edward Kalikow, who runs and operates Kaled Management Corp. At age 30, Platt represents the fourth generation of the family-run business.

     "Even when I was really young, I remember watching my grandfather Sidney Kalikow (founder of Kaled)," he said, "He was a very influential part of who I am. Even though my grandfather passed away 19 years ago, I still go out to our buildings today and tenants, employees and contractors tell me what a great guy he was. It's nice to know that not only do I have a career, but a connection to the past as well."

     Platt believes his family's legacy is its best asset. "My professional success is attributed to my uncle's guidance," Platt said. "I am getting the same direction from him as he got from his father and his father before him."

     But it was no free ride for Platt. "I got a very old-school education, which is driven by relationships and hands-on training," said Platt. "I first started in the business training under the building staff, with the supers, the maintenance guys. I was mentored by a property manager and later by personnel in the repairs and maintenance division. Basically, I learned every job function in the building."

     Before coming onboard as vice president at Kaled in 2002, Plat worked for two other companies to further broaden his knowledge base. Working for Douglaston Development he served as a development coordinator. Previous to that, Platt worked for Corcoran Wexler Healthcare Properties, a division of the Corcoran Group, where he specialized in medical office sales and leasing.

     "Prior to joining my uncle, these experiences proved invaluable," said Platt. "It was great to learn the ins and outs of the business from such diverse companies, each exposing me to a different perspective."

     Now, several years later after joining the family firm, Platt oversees the day-to-day operations of all the Kalikow Family owned rental buildings, consisting of 18 buildings with 2,000 units.

     Platt's extensive real estate management experience has led him to be elected to the board of directors for the Rent Stabilization Association (RSA), the largest trade association in New York City that represents one million units of rent stabilized housing. Platt also is an executive board member for the Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP), a real estate trade organization representing more than 2,500 apartment building owners.

     Platt received a Bachelor's Degree in Consumer Education from Syracuse University, School of Human Development. Platt continues to build on his education and suggests that anyone wanting to be a success in the business should do the same.

     "Real Estate is not an industry where you can get complacent," Platt said. "I take as many classes and seminars as I can fit into my schedule. I attend luncheons and networking events to talk to people. The real estate business changes from day to day. It's ever evolving, and you have to stay on top of it."

     Many changes have occurred between the time Platt's grandfather started the business in the 1920's and today. Platt is reminded on a daily basis that his grandfather's work still lives on.

     "I am part of that legacy that he left behind," he said. "It's very important for me to keep his name and honor his traditions going forward."

     Jordan Platt
     Vice President of Operations
     Kaled Management Corp.
     Tel: 516-876-4800

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